12 Pads for Malstrom

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I’m offering you for free 12 patches I have made for the Malstrom. I think this synth is a bit underestimated, but with a bit of works and tweak you can achieve really cool sound.

This is a synth I’m not using often since a while, but I want to master it a bit more. These patches are a try to achieve cool pad, maybe it will gives you new idea. I think I will give a shot to the Malstrom to make a Refill pack. So, for the moment I’m giving you these 12 patches. If you are using it feel free to show me what you have done with it, I’m curious.  Have fun!

Here’s a track from Indwellingfire using these patch: Indwellingfire – Janvier

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5 Responses to 12 Pads for Malstrom

  • funnelhead says:

    Thanks for the pack!
    Malstrom is quite dragged behind Thor, and the new REs. I don’t use it too much either, but the special sounds I tweak out of it, are unique.

  • kancel says:


    • janvier1982 says:

      Just keep in touch ! I’m not active right now, a bit overwhelmed but will put new stuff really soon !! Probably this week or on the next one !! Enjoy !

  • jon says:

    Wow, Indexation and Crystalline are especially beautiful! Thx !

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