Bass sound for Subtractor


Hey everyone, Subtractor is a really basic synthesizer but I find this one amazing especially for classic Bass and Lead sound. As a gift, I have created 25 Bass sound for that old boy. Most of my track’s bass line comes from this synth. Every patch responds to velocity, aftertouch and mod wheel. So, when you will explore these presets, you should try everything in your playing style (Short and longer notes, legato, aftertouch, soft and hard velocity). You will get some expressive bass line out of that pack. For the rounder and lower bass sound, try to pass it into some distortion unit or the Line 6 Bass unit to add some harmonics.


In this example, there is three Subtractor with three different patch from the pack. Each Subtractor are connected to there own mix channel for individual EQ, then put together in one group Mix channel and getting through a Pulveriser as insert FX. Each Subtractor are playing the same phrase. Their volume fader is automated with the same curve but moved one with regard to the other one in the time.

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  • Maxsu says:

    Many Thanks for these Refill Packs!!!

  • Jynnxie says:

    thanxx you

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