Hi everyone !

Hi everyone! I’m glad to be here and introduce myself. I’m Simon Janvier, an electronic music composer, synths lover and geek mostly all the time. I’m here to share knowledge because I just want to help future electronic music producer and artist to grow in that practice. I have a lot of experience with synthesizer and music production technique. I’m always searching and looking for new tricks. Its an endless world of possibility. But, I just want to share my passion with you, folks. So I’m here to share article about techniques but also about self promoting your art. I work mainely with Propellerhead Reason so, its also a ressource site about Reason. So, I’ll put here, refills and patches over the time too.

I hope you will enjoy this site and share this.
Any suggestion or new idea are welcome

Simon Janvier

3 Responses to Hi everyone !

  • Anon Reason says:

    great blog! keep it up. so much possibility in reason

  • Koushik says:

    Discovered your blog today. I think you are doing a great job. I am a Reason user to, so looking forward to more Reason articles. Keep it up!

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