Rack Extension: Omino WBL5515 exploration

WBL5515_SinglePatchOnly one day since my last post! First, I have to say that I will not always be quick like this with my post frequency. Most of the time, I’m overwhelmed. Now… Since the WBL5515 is available in Propellerhead’s shop I didn’t really use it. I had to play with 5 to 10 minutes ending by saying to me that it was a simple toy generating clicks and noise and there wasn’t much to get out of that. Really, I was sceptical as for the enthusiasm of others. BUT! By taking a look at Propellerhead’s forum about that weird rack extension, I saw a comment telling to try with a Dr. Rex connected in his auxiliary inputs. Then, I tried the thing. I thus created you a patch generating glitch sounds rather interesting.


Before using it, you must have the full version of Reason, for Reason Essential it will not work cause you don’t have Thor (correct me if I’m wrong). To make it short you must have two things: Thor and WBL5515 Rack Extension [WBL5515 is FREE limited edition]. So, Reason 5 and Reason Essential users, sorry its not for you this time.

Don’t forget to verify if the Dr. Rex is running [RUN]. Then, play with your keyboard to output sounds. I strongly recommend to pass combinator output to any Glitch/Timestretch device [Buffre/Slicer/OchenK Glitch Effect]. As well, filter the output with a lowpass filter with resonance sets at a medium level. Also, it works best with drum loops, try your own REX loop. Don’t try to set manually WBL5515′s frequency knobs they responds to MIDI note value. Thus, everytime that you will play note you will lose your latest knobs setting. Finally, I would like to hear what you’ve done with that.

See you next time and have fun!Simon Janvier

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