Refill: Thor FM first series


Since the release of the PX7 FM Synthesizer in the Propellerhead Shop, I got the idea to create a refill for doing complex FM synthesis with Thor synthesizer. Maybe, you don’t know how to create FM algorithms? Maybe you are still using Reason 5 and don’t have access to REs? Or you just don’t want to pay 99$ for the PX7 FM Synthesizer ? No matter what is your situation, this free refill is a first attempt for me to create a FM synthesis refill using the Thor synthesizer. In this pack, you will find 102 patches divided into 4 algorithms of 4 operators. If you want to design your own sound from scratch using a starting point use patches named: Algo A Init, Algo B Init, Algo C Init and Algo D Init. I have also included into each patch a combinator backdrop showing the oscillator algorithm (routing).

Here’s the schematic illustrating algorithms used in this refill:


However, I put aside this first attempt and deliver it as is. I am actually working on a new version for a near future (there’s no release date scheduled). This second version will sound better and will have extra features, with new algorithms. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy and take advantage of this first set. A word of advice, look and explore how I have set up things by unfolding Thor’s panel. You can also add extra modulation routing to Thor’s matrix.

Requirement: Reason 6 and higher.
Sorry about this, as Hydlide said in a comment I should create this refill with Reason 4 and 5 to make it works with
earlier version even if I’m using previous Refill Packer. I don’t have those previous version.

 I’m done! Happy modulation!Simon Janvier

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37 Responses to Refill: Thor FM first series

  • mforce says:

    Hey Janvier,

    thanks a lot for this great refill! I also dig your EQ tutorial and the other refills!
    Keep up these nice posts.

    Best wishes,

  • rob says:

    will try it out later many thanks my friend!! Rob

  • The Qube says:

    Whoop !
    Many thanks for this cool Refill !
    TheQube :-)

    • janvier1982 says:

      My pleasure !! Looking forward to add new stuff soon ! Keep in touch !

      • KThomas says:

        Anything new yet?

        • janvier1982 says:

          Actually no there’s nothing new right now!
          I’m working hard right now on two project, which is for
          music producer. Especially, Reason users.

          I’ll be back on the blog but at this time I can’t promise a date.

          Also, this is summer and cause I’m leaving in a cold country in winter, I tend to spend some times
          outside. ;)


  • loccale says:

    will try out today

  • Connor says:

    wow thanks a ton!!! a real gift :)

  • Jules says:

    Big up for these sounds bro, appreciate your time, will let u hear what i’ve come up with.

  • showkes says:

    How do i open this refill , i am pretty new to reason

    • janvier1982 says:

      Just put it in your favorite folder, patch folder, or in Reason folder.
      1. From Reason, you can do Create an Instrument then browse to that Refill. Double click on that Refill you will see every patch inside the Refill.
      2. You can create a Combinator inside the Rack and from the Open Folder button of the Combi, browse to that Refill

      NB.: When the file browser of Reason is open, you can put that Refill in your favorite folder, Refills and Files list on the left of the browser.

      • federico says:

        Thanks for the uploading, but it work with reason 5?, because the program dont recognize this patch.

        • janvier1982 says:

          No this Refill is packed with Refill Packer used for the Reason 6.5 and above.
          But I have sent you a version packed with an earlier Refill Packer version.

          • Deeloox says:

            Can you send me a version packed with an earlier Refill Packer version please? Thank you so much!

          • Jonas says:

            Would love to have those samples packed with earlier version too if i can.

            • janvier1982 says:

              Ok, no problem, I’ll pack this with the Refill packer version 4. Which will support Reason 4 and above. Just be patient, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Will do it this week.

  • david says:

    Thanks so much!

  • Gayle Gray says:

    Thank you for the post! The PX7 is pretty sweet and pretty awesome things with Thor. I’ve slowly been moving back towards Thor :) . Maybe learn some FM synthesis with Thor first then do a trial of the PX7 when you’re more comfortable with it. Keep posting on it!

  • James Enalen says:

    Greatly appreciate your effort in assisting other artists. Much love from Canada!

  • JWilde says:

    So does the download version now work with reason 4?

  • jesuschivo says:

    gracias por tu aporte te lo agradezco

  • Spencer says:

    Great throwback synth patches for Reason – thanks!

    I’m a propellerhead!


  • borja says:

    oye bro, como puedo instarlarlos en el reason? nose como hacerlos funcionar, tengo reason 4, valen para este? un saludo, espero respuesta

  • hydlide says:

    Simon, just a heads up on the issue regarding reason 4 and Reason 5. I have just grabbed the refill to test if they would load up there (due to the amount of questions I read about it).

    As far as I can confirm: Nor Reason 4 nor Reason 5 will work with these patches. I have multiple set ups (Reason 4, 5 and 6.5) installed. With Reason 4 it gives a “bad patch” format error. In Reason 5 the patches simply don’t show up when loading up a combinator. But in Reason 6.5 it works.

    I have been dealing with a similar issue not so long ago. Problem is, even while the patch has been made in Reason +6, and using the refill packer of Reason 4 will not cut it. I had to remake the patches in Reason 4 to make them work in R4 instead.

    Hope this might shed some light on the subject (and safe you from a mail or two ;) ).


  • rickross says:

    ace!!! Good stuff bro

  • Kevin says:

    I open it and get nothing. What am I doing wrong? I use Reason 6

  • Catherine says:

    Hi there,

    Are there any licensing restrictions on the sounds in this refill or are the royalty free?

  • Caroline says:

    Hi! I’ve tried to load your patches but it says wrong format…
    What is the needed version of Reason to load it?

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