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Latest Release

May 28, 2013

I’m proud to announce that my two latest track are now released and available on iTunes Store, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and more… If you like it, share it to the world and help me reach new people.

Sonic Charge: Echobode – 36 Free Patches

May 12, 2013

Finally some news from me! I give you a little 36 patches pack for the Sonic Charge Echobode owner. This kind of effect is sometimes unpredictable on some material. So I have created these patches using a simple sine wave as source of sound. Going this way you can get a good idea on the harmonic content added by this device. I should say that you can obtain really awesome sound transformation on simple sine. If you want to get a great idea on the original patch sound, then use a sine wave but you can put in whatever you want, it’s all up to you. I’ve just enhanced your range of Echobode tones. You will also find one combinator I have designed for bass sounds, which should works fine on leads too. (more…)

Of Return Soon !

May 2, 2013

Hi everyone, hope you have fun with Reason 7 ! I also want to wish welcome to the new user! I’m just posting this to say you that I’ll be back very soon with new stuff, new article or tutorial. I’ve been a bit busy and overwhelmed during April. So, be patient, I’ll be back I promise. Have a nice day.

Simon Janvier