Dear passionate music producer!
I’m Simon Janvier, an electronic music composer, fascinated by machines which make noise and all which turning around the technologies used for creative and artistic end. This site aims at transmitting knowledge about musical production. Even if I produce music for some time already, I do not claim to be a god on the subject. I believe that there is always something to learn. As I am someone who likes sharing I thus thought of creating this blog. You will see any kind of article about the musical production here. As I am a diligent user of Propellerhead Reason I shall add over time various patch which you can use in your own ways. For the moment I ask you simply to be indulgent and to give me some time to develop the contents of this blog. I’ll tell you something… I’m someone very busy as most of you.
As English is my second language, feel free to correct me if you see mistake. Feel free to make any suggestion or ask about a particular subject.
I hope you will enjoy it
Simon Janvier